Our People – Friends of the Womens and Childrens Hospital

Our People

The commitment and dedication of the members and staff of the Friends is evident in the ongoing success of the organisation to support the work of the hospital in caring for the women, children and young people of South Australia.


Andrew WadeBusiness Manager
Sonia DaviesAuxiliaries Co-ordinator
Eva KalmarAuxiliaries Co-ordinator


Dr Ross Haslam AOPatron
Pauline LinkePresident
Heather WheatleyQueen Victoria Auxiliary Division, Friends Vice President
Margaret MarkhamShops Auxiliary Division, President
Dorothy SandlandShops Auxiliary Division
Nadine OlafsenAuxiliaries Division, State President
Kaye SteerAuxiliaries Division, Vice State President
Mary HaasQueen Victoria Auxiliary Division, President
Jo BaulderstoneShops Auxiliary Division (co-opted)

Auxiliaries Division / State Council

Nadine OlafsenState President
Kaye SteerState Vice President
Pauline LinkeFriends President
Pauline ArbonImmediate Past President
Park HeitmannPast State President
Leonie HorePast State President
Barb LamkinPast State President
Jill KaeslerChairman, Region 1 (Adelaide Suburbs, Hills & South Coast)
Dianne Chivell / Sue DunnChairman, Region 4 (Barossa Valley & Mid North)
Val FewsterChairman, Region 6 (Riverland)
Shirley WatersChairman, Region 7 (South East)
Raelene LamondChairman, Region 8 (Northern)
Marion BartholomaeusChairman, Region 10 (North West)
Ros MichellChairman, Region 11 (Eyre Peninsula)
Julie TonkinChairman, Region 12 (Yorke Peninsula)
Gaynor GooldCo-Opted Member

Shops Auxiliary Division Committee

Margaret MarkhamPresident
Hetty GardenierVice President
Beverley Graham
Dorothy Sandland
Kath Coupe
Dennis Floyd
Di Macrae
Thea Milner
Daphne Moosha
Jodie Hoffmann
Karen Wadwell

Queen Victoria Committee

Mary HaasPresident
Kerin HaslamVice President
Heather WheatleySecretary
Judy BurchardTreasurer
Anne Bilyk
Aggie Bampton
Penny Lenthall
Mary MacKenzie
Kathy Orfanos
Bronwyn Plowman
Chris Sedunary
Di Moore
Briony Williams

Friends Life Members

Life Membership is awarded to Members who have provided outstanding service to the association for at least 15 years. The awards are recommended by each Division and are ratified by the Coordinating Council annually.

Life Members A - F

Sylvia AdamsBinnum Auxiliary2000
Gloria AffordJervois Auxiliary2002
Annetta AgarsElliston Auxiliary1997
Elizabeth AgnewQueen Victoria Auxiliary2010
Gwen AhmsAuxiliaries Division2007
Sue AitchisonShops Auxiliary Division2010
Deborah AmeeAuxiliaries Division2008
Joan AndrewsGawler Ranges Auxiliary1994
Beulah AngelPinnaroo Auxiliary1998
Iris ArbonBute & District Auxiliary1996
Pauline ArbonCrystal Brook Auxiliary2000
Heather ArmourAuxiliaries Division2006
Irene ArnoldShops Auxiliary Division1996
Sigrid AttenboroughAuxiliaries Division2010
Aileen AubreyBute Auxiliary1994
Kath AuldBeryl Lipman Committee1995
Margaret (Peg) AylingRenmark Auxiliary1995
Lisa BakerAuxiliaries Division2007
Jean BaileyJervois Auxiliary1997
Shirley BaileyVolunteer Division1997
Joan BalnavesVolunteer Division2007
Patricia BaloglouBrighton Liaison1996
Christine BammanCleve Auxiliary2000
Aggie BamptonQueen Victoria Auxiliary2010
Mary BarnesShops Auxiliary Division2006
Elaine BarrettShops Auxiliary Division2012
Patricia BarryShops Auxiliary Division1996
Connie BartlettVictor Harbor/Goolwa Auxiliary1993
Eileen BassettVolunteer Division2004
Gillian BaumAuxiliaries Division2008
Jillian BehnSaddleworth Auxiliary2003
Ivy BeinkePort Lincoln Auxiliary1997
Edith BellPort Adelaide Auxiliary1997
Jenny BellVolunteer Division1994
Noreen BenhamAuxiliaries Division 2015
Janet BenjaminShops Auxiliary Division2010
Jeffrey BindingShops Auxiliary Division2014
Flora BirdBinnum & District Auxiliary1997
Beth BishopShops Auxiliary Division1995
Joyce BishopBlackwood/Belair Auxiliary1997
Patricia BocknerChairman Friends of WCH Shops/ Volunteer1998
Lillian BorthwickPort Lincoln Auxiliary1995
Barbara BoweringShops Auxiliary Division2004
Judy BoweringShops Auxiliary1995
Nora BowmanShops Auxiliary Division2001
Lily BowyerShops Auxiliary Division2010
Lorraine BraendlerJervois Auxiliary2001
Muriel BrahamVolunteer Division1998
Jane BraileyShops Auxiliary Division1998
Patricia BransonAuxiliaries Division2007
Shirley BrewerShops Auxiliary Division2008
Karleen BrooksHamley Bridge Auxiliary2004
Margaret BrooksAuxiliaries Division 2015
Dot BroughamTumby Bay Auxiliary2004
Jenny BrownArdrossan Auxiliary1999
Jenny BrownShops Auxiliary Division 2015
Rosalie Brown OAMVolunteer Division2014
Jill BungeyShops Auxiliary Division2015
Letty BunnettAuxiliaries Division2011
Judy BurchardQueen Victoria Auxiliary 2014
Meg BurchellShops Auxiliary Division2011
Melva BurroughsWaikerie & District Auxiliary1997
Nancy CaddyBarmera Auxiliary1998
May CarrAuxiliaries Division2005
Patricia CarracherBinnum & District Auxiliary1998
Maureen CassShops Auxiliary Division1999
Ruth CatfordAuxiliaries Division2006
Pauline CattQueen Victoria Auxiliary2003
Jan CattrallShops Auxiliary Division2011
Ann ChenowethVolunteer Division2009
Dell ChessonShops Auxiliary Division2001
June ClasohmMaitland/Arthurton Auxiliary1996
Julie CleggettAuxiliaries Division2010
Alan ClemasAuxiliaries – Hamley Bridge2014
Barbara ClemasAuxiliaries Division2009
Margie CocksShops Auxiliary Division2004
Josephine ColemanAuxiliaries Division2006
Dianne ColliverMaitland/Arthurton Auxiliary2000
Beverley CookShops Auxiliary Division2008
Dalma CooperBerri Auxiliary1995
Jocie CooperAuxiliaries Division 2015
Gwenda CottleHenley & Grange Auxiliary1998
Kath CoupeShops Auxiliary Division2005
Edina CoventryShops Auxiliary Division2004
Hilda CoxShops Auxiliary Division1995
Margaret CoxShops Auxiliary Division 2014
Kath CramAuxiliaries Division2011
Robert CroftVolunteer Division1994
Brenda CrossAuxiliaries Division 2013
Margaret DalosManager, Auxiliary Division2008
Patricia DanielShops Auxiliary Division1996
Lorraine DarlingMoonta & District Auxiliary1999
Marie DaviesAuxiliaries – Kadina 2014
Barbara DaveyShops Auxiliary Division2011
Margaret DavidNorth-Eastern Auxiliary1994
Ruth DavisonShops Auxiliary Division1997
Fay DavyAuxiliaries Division 2012
Betty DaweAuxiliaries Division2006
Gwen DickerShops Auxiliary Division1995
Selina DienhoffAuxiliaries Division 2013
Val DixonVolunteer Division2000
Phyl DoddVolunteer Division1994
Margaret DollingShops Auxiliary Division1996
Lady Margaret DownerPatron, Friends of WCH2008
Rhonda DunnAuxiliaries Division2007
Sue DunnAuxiliaries Division 2015
Dorothy DunstanAuxiliaries Division2007
Jacqueline EastKadina Auxiliary1999
Thelma EattsKimba Auxiliary2002
Connie EbsaryBute Auxiliary2001
Mary (Bonnie) EllisKimba Auxiliary1999
Jean EnglandAuxiliaries – Ardrossan 2014
Hayette EricksonAnnual Charity Play Producer1994
Betty FacchiniAuxiliaries Division 2012
Helen FawcettShops Auxiliary Division1995
Morva FawcettShops Auxiliary Division2014
Jean FearnleyShops Auxiliary Division2007
Lyn FermeAuxiliaries Division2011
Ruth FerrisShops Auxiliary Division1995
Henriette FischerShops Auxiliary Division2007
Jenny FischerAuxiliaries Division2010
Gene FoleyPort Adelaide Auxiliary1995
Gwen ForsterJervois Auxiliary2004
Lucy FoxShops Auxiliary Division1999
Maurine FrancisAuxiliaries Division2008
Shirley FranksTumby Bay Auxiliary2002
Joan FraserVolunteer Division1996
Sharon FreerArdrossan Auxiliary1997

Life Members G - L

Val GaleCleve Auxiliary1998
Beryl GardVolunteer Division1997
Judith GardnerRenmark Auxiliary2000
Elsie GatesAuxiliaries Division2008
June GendersFullarton Auxiliary1996
Lyn GibsonSouthern Auxiliaries1999
Jenny GilkesLucindale Auxiliary1997
Roslyn GooleyAuxiliaries Division2007
Maureen GowerCudlee Creek/Kersbrook Auxiliary2001
Beverley GrahamShops Auxiliary Division2014
Win GrahamVolunteer Division1993
Betty GransburyShops Auxiliary Division2004
Shirley GravesShops Auxiliary Division2005
Nollene GriggBalaklava & District Auxiliary1997
Margaret GrivellAuxiliaries Division2008
Margaret GrossShops Auxiliary Division2000
Vera GrunwaldShops Auxiliary Division2005
Mary HaasQueen Victoria Auxiliary2015
Ahn HagedornShops Auxiliary Division2011
France HaleAuxiliaries Division2008
Shirley HallAuxiliaries Division2005
Grace HameisterAuxiliaries Division2007
Audrey HarrisJervois Auxiliary1993
Colleen HarrisVolunteer Division2010
Elaine HarveyCudlee Creek/Kersbrook Auxiliary1998
Kerin HaslamQueen Victoria Auxiliary2007
Mary HatcherGawler Auxiliary1999
Colleen HawkesVolunteer Division2007
Una HaywoodYorketown Auxiliary1998
Shirley HeadingTea Tree Gully Auxiliary2002
Dorothy HeathShops Auxiliary Division2004
Ina HeroldNaracoorte Auxiliary2003
Margaret HickinbothamQ.V.H. Unley Park Auxiliary1993
Valda HockingMoonta & District Auxiliary1997
Lorraine HoileShops Auxiliary Division2005
Kay HollandShops Auxiliary Division2000
Valma HoneyPort Lincoln Auxiliary2002
Dorithy HubbardVolunteer Division1999
Leanora HuddlestonLameroo Auxiliary1998
Ann HuntAuxiliaries Division2006
Joy HunterVictor Harbor/Goolwa Auxiliary2002
Della HutchessonMount Gambier Auxiliary1997
Gwen IrelandAuburn/Watervale Auxiliary2001
Margaret IrvineAuxiliaries Division2008
Bet IvesonBeryl Lipman Committee1993
Marjory JacksonAuxiliaries Division2007
Ruth JacobsAuxiliaries Division2006
Claire JamesAuxiliaries Division2009
Meg JarvisMallala Auxiliary1994
Myrtle JohnsJervois Auxiliary2003
Connie JonesAuxiliaries Division2009
Ley JustAuburn/Watervale Auxiliary1993
Helen KargerAuxiliaries Division 2015
Joan KellettShops Auxiliary Division2007
Kathleen KellyAuxiliaries –Tumby Bay 2014
Ronda KenwrickJervois Auxiliary1998
Judith KingMeningie & District Auxiliary1996
Margaret KingSaddleworth Auxiliary1998
Joy KittoMaitland/Arthurton Auxiliary2003
Betty KriegAuxiliaries Division2008
Margaret KriegShops Auxiliary Division1995
Wendy KuchelShops Auxiliary Division2011
Dot LambertShops Auxiliary Division1999
Mary LambertAuxiliaries Division2009
Barbara LamkinAuburn/Watervale Auxiliary1994
Patricia LamshedBute & District Auxiliary1997
Maureen LangfordAuxiliaries Division 2013
Kye LangmeadAuxiliaries Division2009
Marilyn LannanAuxiliaries Division2009
Marj LeesueShops Auxiliary Division1998
Noela LehmannAuxiliaries Division2005
Margaret LeibieAuxiliaries Division2006
Penny LenthallUnley Park Auxiliary1995
Jean LigertwoodBeryl Lipman Committee1996
Peg LigertwoodShops Auxiliary Division1995
Pauline LinkeMeningie Auxiliary1997
Healther LintveltMount Gambier Auxiliary1997
Claire LithgowLameroo Auxiliary2000
Jenny Lo FaroShops Auxiliary Division2011
Cynthia LomasShops Auxiliary Division2010
Maureen LorraineShops Auxiliary Division2014
Bernice LukeAuxiliaries Division2007
Jill LukesShops Auxiliary Division2011

Life Members M - S

Di MacraeShops Auxiliary Division2013
Pearl ManistyAuxiliaries Division2009
Anne MartinNaracoorte Auxiliary2004
Beryl MartinShops Auxiliary Division1995
Kath MasonAuxiliaries Division2010
Anne MastermanAuburn/Watervale Auxiliary1997
Myra MaterneKadina Auxiliary2000
Jaqueline MathesonAuxiliaries Division2009
Betty McArthurPort Pirie Auxiliary1999
Gerald McCormackShops Auxiliary Division1995
Kath McCormackBeryl Lipman Committee1994
Lorna McCullochAuxiliaries Division2006
Betty McDonaldBordertown Auxiliary2002
Helen McDonaldVolunteer Division1993
Nellie McGuireCudlee Creek/Kersbrook Auxiliary1997
Mary McKenzieQueen Victoria Auxiliary2010
Gwen McLayShops Auxiliary Division1997
Joan McLernonShops Auxiliary Division1999
Ann McLoughneyQueen Victoria Auxiliary1996
Jenny McMahonAuxiliaries Division2009
Briony McMichaelShops Auxiliary Division2007
Aileen McQuireVolunteer Division1993
Jamie McSorleyVolunteer Division2006
Shirley MeldrumPort Adelaide Auxiliary1993
Elaine MichieBute & District Auxiliary2002
Esther MickelGawler Auxiliary2003
Peggy MillardShops Auxiliary Division2013
Janice MillerPort Augusta Auxiliary1999
Nora MilnerBrighton Auxiliary1998
Daphne MooshaShops Auxiliary Division2012
Shirley MorgantiShops Auxiliary Division2011
Kerrell MorrisQueen Victoria Auxiliary2010
Sue MorrisVolunteer Division 2014
Cheryl MortimerWaikerie Auxiliary2001
Dawn MuttonShops Auxiliary Division2001
Flo NacheShops Auxiliary Division1995
Polly NewellShops Auxiliary Division1995
David NichollsBeryl Lipman Committee1996
Gwenda NormanBordertown Auxiliary2000
Karen NormanMount Gambier Auxiliary1996
Karie NorrisShops Auxiliary Division2008
Phyllis NuskeJervois Auxiliary1999
Nadine OlafsenBordertown Auxiliary1999
Joan OppermanVolunteer Division1995
Michelle OusleyMeningie Auxiliary2003
Margaret OwenShops Auxiliary Division2015
Gretta OxleyPlympton & Districts Auxiliary2001
Michelle PearceVolunteer Division2014
Beryl PearseClare Auxiliary1997
Laura PeltzGawler Auxiliary2002
Yvonne PelzerVolunteer Division1994
Marjory PenfoldTumby Bay Auxiliary1998
Sharron PenneyAuxiliaries Division2009
Olive PepperPlympton Auxiliary1996
Lorna PetersShops Auxiliary Division2004
Thelma PetersBute & District Auxiliary1998
Patricia PfeifferLameroo Auxiliary1994
Daisy PhillipsShops Auxiliary Division1996
Jean PhillisVolunteer Division2004
Mirian PitmanAuxiliaries Division2007
Trudy PloglaseVolunteer Division1994
Bronwyn PlowmanQueen Victoria Auxiliary 2014
Hilda PolkinghorneShops Auxiliary Division 1995
Marlene PooleTumby Bay Auxiliary2000
Mary PotterShops Auxiliary Division1995
Lorna PrattCentral Auxiliary1994
Dianne PridhamWestern Flat Auxiliary1997
Tia ProcterShops Auxiliary Division2011
Betty RabotVolunteer Division2014
Min RamsayShops Auxiliary Division2000
Jean RankinShops Auxiliary Division1997
Deborah RavenShops Auxiliary Division2007
Olive RawsonShops Auxiliary Division2009
Ann ReeceQueen Victoria Auxiliary2006
Betty RehnAuxiliaries Division 2015
Erna RehnShops Auxiliary Division1996
Joyleen RichardsonCleve Auxiliary2003
Maurine RichterState President Auxiliaries Division/ Fullarton Division1998
Joan RohdeAuxiliaries Division2007
Madge RouseShops Auxiliary Division2000
Helen RoweAuxiliaries Division2008
Nora RoweWarooka Auxiliary2000
Joan RowlandsShops Auxiliary Division2001
Jeanne SampsonCentral Auxiliary1993
Ella SandersShops Auxiliary Division2000
Marina SandfordShops Auxiliary Division1998
Ann SaundersShops Auxiliary Division2003
Jean SawyerAuxiliaries Division2010
Judy SchenscherShops Auxiliary Division2012
Jean SchirmerVolunteer Division1994
Trish SchmerlAuxiliaries Division2010
Shirley SchraderVolunteer Division2011
Lorna SchulzShops Auxiliary Division1995
Rose ScottWirrabara Auxiliary1997
Nancy SharleyRenmark Auxiliary1993
Ronda SharpShops Auxiliary Division2011
Bette ShermanBrighton Auxiliary1994
Coral ShortWallaroo Auxiliary2001
Myra SimmonsAuxiliaries Division2007
Anne SimpsonShops Auxiliary Division2005
Barb SimpsonBute & District Auxiliary2003
Lorna SimsGreenock Auxiliary1997
Marlene SimsShops Auxiliary Division2010
Shirley SinclairShops Auxiliary Division1995
Marj SladeVolunteer Division1994
Daphne SlingerVolunteer Division1998
Margot SmedmanShops Auxiliary1994
Adalgisa SmithVolunteer Division 2012
Norma SmithWallaroo Auxiliary1997
Colleen SmythVolunteer Division2006
Joan SparrowAuxiliaries Division2008
Barbara SpringbettVictor Harbor/Goolwa Auxiliary1997
Judy SteedAuxiliaries – Renmark & District 2014
Kaye SteerePort Adelaide Auxiliary1999
Jan StewartBeryl Lipman Committee1993
Judith StewartBlackwood/Belair Auxiliary2004
Roma StewartAuxiliaries Division2006
Joan StonemanAuxiliaries Division2007
Esma StorryPlympton & Districts Auxiliary1999
Julie StoryAuxiliaries Division2009
Joan StrotherShops Auxiliary Division2008
Barbara SuttonShops Auxiliary Division2011

Life Members T - Z

Ruth TaylorShops Auxiliary Division2011
Barb ThielAuxiliaries Division2009
Glenda ThomsonAuxiliaries Division2011
Jane TidemannShops Auxiliary Division2010
Jeanne TileyVolunteer Division1993
Kath TingmanVolunteer Division2005
Jill TiverQueen Victoria Auxiliary2007
Dot TreleavenVolunteer Division1999
Josephine TreloarBute & District Auxiliary2004
Marie TrembathShops Auxiliary Division1996
Roma TrowbridgeCeduna Auxiliary1997
Mary TurnerShops Auxiliary Division1999
Barbara TwissShops Auxiliary Division2001
Jan Van DiemanShops Auxiliary Division2014
Justine Van EyssenVolunteer Division2008
Barbara WaldenShops Auxiliary Division1996
Marie WallisBerri Auxiliary1997
Corrine WarmingtonKadina Auxiliary1996
Julie WarrenShops Auxiliary Division2011
Mary WatsonVolunteer Division 2012
Gail WeckertAuxiliaries Division 2015
Faye WeddingShops Auxiliary Division2008
Betty WeirShops Auxiliary Division2009
Helen WestPlympton Auxiliary1998
Jean WheareMaitland/Arthurton Auxiliary2004
Jessie WhillasPort Lincoln Auxiliary1996
John WightmanVolunteer Division2009
Johanne WilkeyCudlee Creek/Kersbrook Auxiliary2003
Fay WilliamsAuxiliaries Division2009
Helen WilliamsAuburn/Watervale Auxiliary2002
Laurel WilliamsAuxiliaries Division2006
Olga WilliamsShops Auxiliary Division1993
Joan WillmottMaitland/Arthurton Auxiliary1995
Anne WilsonShops Auxiliary Division2010
Arlene WilsonShops Auxiliary Division2010
Madge WilsonPinnaroo Auxiliary1994
Ruth WohlingBlackwood/Belair Auxiliary1998
Patricia WoodAuxiliaries Division 2013
Elizabeth WorkDorcas Auxiliary1997
Alice WrightMount Gambier Auxiliary1995
Betty WrightVolunteer Division2000
Lynda WrightVolunteer Division2003
Pat ZealandShops Auxiliary Division2014

Honour Roll