About us

As an integral part of the Women's and Children's Health Network, our hospital promotes, maintains and restores the health of women, children and young people around South Australia.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital supports vital community based services in metropolitan and regional areas, gives specialist care to children and young people with acute and chronic conditions and, is the state's largest maternity and obstetric service. 

Our hospital is also an educational hub for doctors, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. In conjunction with universities and via the Centre for Education and Training it provides initial and ongoing training, education, courses and educational support for health professionals across the state.

What we do

As Friends we:

  • Provide services and financial assistance to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
  • Add to the comfort and peace of mind of the patients of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and their families.
  • Foster and encourage a better understanding of the important services which the Women’s and Children’s Hospital provides.